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Corona Measures

We’re so happy that we’re allowed to open our doors for you!!!

Mermaids must also stick to the guidelines, we have plenty space outside. We will keep half of the terrace free for reservations that are made by mail, telephone or Instagram. We keep the other half free for reservations at the door. If you want to make a reservation and the reserved tables are fully booked, you can just come by and we will check at the door if we can squeeze you in (of course in a safe way).  If you made a reservation and it is going to rain that day, we will unfortunately keep the terrace closed for that day. You can then make a new reservation by email or Instagram. We will not answer the phone that day because we will probably not be there.

We kindly ask everyone to accept our house rules.

– Reservations for more than 2 people can only be reserved for guests from the same household. Do you still want to come with a group? Then we can see if this can be divided over several tables, taking in account the 1,5-meter distance rule guideline
– You will book for a time slot of 1.5 hours, we ask you to respect the start and end time.
– We will hold on to your reservation for 15 minutes, then your reservation will expire and we will give your spot away. Are you running late? Please call. Note that the end time cannot be moved.
– Do you have a cold, do you have flu-like symptoms or COVID-like symptoms? Then please stay home.
– We ask you to follow the instructions of the Mermaids at all times.

Our shifts are:

12.00 – 13.30

13.30 – 15.00

15.00 – 16.30

16.00 – 18.00